4 Steps to Dance Your Way to Health

The glowing arc that binds dancing with good health has made it the unique choice of most individuals. The rigorous routines that go with conventional exercises may scare the faint-hearted. The power of a good dance is that it gives you velvety feelings that ignite the soul. Interestingly, each dance step takes you closer to good health. There are many reasons that make dancing an ideal engagement for both the young and old. The debates that have raged over the years on which type of dance gives the most health benefit might not suffice in this context. Our goal is to see what we gain when we dance. Do enjoy the read.

dance-for-life4 Benefits That Should Make You Dance Your Way to Health

Mental Mastery – The neurons that govern body movement, routine swings, etc plays a key role in our mental buoyancy. The active waves that come from the brain to the muscles when we dance help to keep the mind sharp. There has been proven studies that show you can improve your intellectual capacity by exploring activities such as Dance. A quick look at the choreographed dance moves or the Ballet dancer shows the technique and skill required to pull it off is massive. Generally, every dance requires the co-ordination of the body system and the sensory organs play a role to make it happen. This gives room for the brain to remain sharp and active.

Cardiovascular Benefits -The word simply means Health-related benefits. The Heart is the muscle that never stops working in the Human body system. It pumps blood and other relevant body fluids. It is interesting to note that a recent study showed the effect of dancing on people with chronic heart failure was the same as when they engaged in moderate aerobic exercise. The heart which is a vital muscle in the body is strengthened when we dance. There are some therapeutic effects that a good dance can have on our hearts. It gives vent to the position which states dancing can have effects on issues of the heart.

Helps Weight Management – The number of Calories we burn when we actively engage in a dance is unique. A careful observation of professional dancers shows they have a fit and well-toned body. This is because of the balance the body creates due to the exercise of having a dance. The Weight challenge for most individuals can be managed with a dance. The drop in the sugar level (which builds up fat) can be achieved when we dance.

Muscular and Motor Fitness – The strengthening of the muscles in the body with a good dance is germane. The body becomes flexible and this can lead to a well-toned body. In a professional sense, there are dances that can focus on muscle and motor fitness objectives. On a general scale, each dance rubs positively on the overall health of our muscles.

There are so many benefits of dancing to our health. The points listed are simply a pointer to other gains that abound when we dance. You can take your dance lessons more seriously… It is beyond a dance; it gives good health.

Dance Shoes: 3 Important Facts

We are here to lend a voice that would change the world. No Pun intended. One of the major questions that come to mind of any discerning individual is – Why dance shoes are important for dancing? We could excite you with the technicalities or give you the different rules for various dance shoes but we decided to keep it simple. These facts can help you with any dance shoe. The word is out – We are here to save the world of dancers (including those who sit on a chair and nod their heads). Quickly read this and thank me later. It’s time to begin the journey

The Difference

different-shoesStreet Shoes are not the same as Dance Shoes. The obvious reason is that they serve different purposes. All dance shoes for Men and Ladies has a metal shank in the arch for support and non-slip suede soles. They are flexible and lightweight in comparison to Street Shoes. This helps give you the right grip, control and balance when you are dancing.

A Professional Touch

dancing-wheelsThe art of dancing is an act that requires the presence of mind to make deep impressions. Your attire which includes your shoes gives you the bearing to perform with ease. Wardrobe malfunctions do happen but you give yourself the leverage when you have the right dance shoes. Every dancing routine takes some measure of skill to make a strong connection. Your shoes help you give the right expressions both in performance and appeal.

Connect the Dots

tap-dancing-shoesEvery dancing event holds on floors that are ideal to scintillating displays. The harm that can occur without your dance shoes could be far-reaching. There could be damage to the floor, your heels would be unprotected and you would lose traction. The world of dance has unwritten codes that champions what we do. It is better to appreciate the dance than break because you danced. It pays to get it right and do it right in this field.

I promised 3 facts but I have decided to spice your day by adding two other facts. I can’t wait to see you in right dancing shoes.

The designs can help

dancing-shoe-designThe color blends and glossy feel on the leather of your shoe can give you an edge. The position taken by professional dance judges when there is a tie could come down to your attire which includes your dancing shoes. On the flip side, those who dance for fun could make a statement with the stylish shoes they wear on the dance floor.

They last longer

dancing-careerDance shoes can help keep you longer on the Dance floor (You can build a Career too). A single pair can serve for long because of the customized purpose it renders. The cost of investing in sharpening your dance abilities do not suffer with recurrent purchase of these shoes. They help you get it right on the Dance floor and make a world of sense when viewed from economic, aesthetic and other allied positions.

One more fact that excites me is the fact that you read this far. It shows your quest to hone your craft. Dancing creates an engaging platform that resonates with the soul.